You are a great speaker and I look up to you and what you have to say :) what do you think the next generation has in store? Many people look down on teens nowadays and I was wondering if you see any potential in us. I feel like as a teen, we could either correct the mistakes of the past or just end up screwing over the world because of pure ignorance. What do you think? Have a nice day~

Read this quote:

“Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority…they contradict their parents…gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

Guess who said that? Seriously, guess….

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Are you a motivational speaker or a speaker that's motivational

An insightful question. More the latter. 

People often think of motivational speaking as a personality trait, when in reality it is simply a profession.

I like to think of myself as a professional storyteller. And the stories I tell on stage just happen to be motivational.

Favorite books/movies/music/media at the moment?

Reading: The Circle by Dave Eggers
Watching: Veronica Mars (season 1)
Listening: The Glitch Mob

How do you stay motivated during hard times ?

I try to take things day by day, or moment by moment.

Check out my video Hope to Carry On

How are you today, Josh?


Super excited to attend the wedding of my good friends Brian and Kelsey tomorrow (you’ll recall Kelsey as the one who thought I cheated my way into the Paralympics).

And my brother Matt is in town for the weekend, so that’s fun.

My friend Kyle Scheele made this very nice and very funny video about me. And he’s right about my hair: HUGE tax savings.

Subscribe to his channel if you want to see more of his beard and wit.

This one time a girl thought I faked my disability to compete in the Paralympics. Hilarity ensued.


In honor of Pi Day (3/14), please enjoy this pie chart/calculation of pi/photo of pie.


In honor of Pi Day (3/14), please enjoy this pie chart/calculation of pi/photo of pie.