Based on this translation, I guess you can take your dog inside the Colosseum. But you’re NOT allowed to walk it over to another pet and say, “Hey Fluffy, I’d like you to meet Spot.”

On the flight to Italy.

On the flight to Italy.

Kinda looks like I’m leaping up to catch the ball. Apparently I got confused about which kind of football I was playing.


"Business was pretty slow…"

"but then I invented…"


"the ice bucket challenge."

This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge must be raising so much money for companies that sell bags of ice.

The #NoFilterShow! Probably the least appropriate—and funniest—thing to ever happen in this synagogue.

The #NoFilterShow! Probably the least appropriate—and funniest—thing to ever happen in this synagogue.


I get to pick my jersey number for my World Cup uniform! Please suggest a number and explain why that particular number would be awesome, meaningful, and/or funny?

At age 9, I decided to try out for a travel soccer team. This was primarily because I thought the uniform was really cool and my parents said I could wear it to church instead of my scratchy dress clothes.

But the week of tryouts, I was diagnosed with cancer and given a 50% chance to live. I lost my leg a few months later.

Fast forward twenty years. I finally got a travel soccer team uniform. This particular team will be traveling to Mexico in December for the Amputee World Cup.

Can’t wait to wear my new uniform to church.

A funny thing about comedy—and I mean interesting/sad/deep funny, not haha funny—is that it frequently grows out of deep personal pain.

To the audience, comedy appears to be a sign of internal joy, overflowing happiness that bubbles over into jokes.

But for the comic, it’s often simply a way to deal with the pain. An outward expression of inner demons.

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When I made the clone, it turned out he had two legs. I mean, who wants to listen to a two-legged motivational speaker, right?”

Josh Sundquist (via joshsundquistoutofcontext)

The name of this Tumblr really captures the spirit of the quote.