I made my handwriting into a font, and you can download it!


i just walked into the bathroom to find my mom sitting in the tub watching josh sundquist videos on her phone.

This might be the strangest story I’ve ever heard.

The corporate overlords thought their dollars gave them the power to buy Grace’s audience.

Let’s prove to them that you can’t BUY a YouTube audience, you can only EARN it. Which is exactly what Grace has done, and why you should subscribe to her new YouTube channel.

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"More bad news if you happen to be a racist."

Josh Sundquist gives fitness advice.

Video: Six Pack Myths

3 Reasons Bullies Are Like Vampires

Hey look! It’s New Year’s. Got resolutions?

You may have seen my “before and after photos” floating around on the internet.

(Sidenotes: I didn’t write the caption…someone on 9gag did. And here’s proof the photos aren’t fake.)

But I wanted to post this new GIF of my weekly progress photos during that transformation because it’s important to remember that change does not happen overnight. Change comes through long term commitment to better habits over many weeks and months and sometimes even years.

For more motivation to stick with your New Year’s resolutions, check out my new video:


Tumblr for Math Nerds (x)

Video by Josh Sundquist 

I see what you did there.


"How long is it gonna take before your leg grows back?"Josh Sundquist. Amputee, motivational speaker, writer and funny faces maker.
(click here for larger photo [X])

One of the all time stupidest questions I’ve been asked…


"How long is it gonna take before your leg grows back?"

Josh Sundquist. Amputee, motivational speaker, writer and funny faces maker.

(click here for larger photo [X])

One of the all time stupidest questions I’ve been asked…

Dear family and friends,

We have made major changes this year due to Paul’s new job as Assistant Director of Accounting at a large church in the DC area. We sold our house in Bridgewater and downsized to a two bedroom condo in the Tyson’s area of Northern Virginia!  Paul has longed to work for a Christian organization or ministry for years and is glad to have the opportunity to do so.

Josh spent much of the year remembering the dating disasters of his adolescence and typing them into a manuscript that will become a book in early 2015. He also gave motivational speeches, went on dates with his girlfriend, made YouTube videos, and dressed as a flamingo for Halloween.

Matthew’s passion for crustal motion and synergistic love of three-dimensional time-varying space landed him in the sweet-spot for studying geodesy. After landing a National Science Foundation grant (Project: “Bridging A Historic Divide: Finding Common Ground for Universal Transverse Mercator and Conformal Projection”), he forsook his Corporate Overlords at Facebook. He is also in love with Plotly, a graphing and analytics platform he co-founded. He loves to party. 

Luke is finishing college this spring, studying chinese philosophy, classical antiquity, and surgery. He would like to travel and work with animals for the next few years, but is also open to suggestions for jobs and money. He participated in multiple Secret Santa exchanges this Christmas. In his free time, he still enjoys frisbee and the internet.

Anna has joined Ballet NoVA, a dance company she loves. Last summer, she shredded the finish on many a NYC dance studio floor at Joffrey Ballet in NYC. She has returned to homeschooling so she can finish renovating the Sundquist apartment (she discovered an imbalance in the load-bearing portions of the building infrastructure she has offered to fix). She has 1105 followers on Instagram, where she loves to post tight #selfies, #ballet, and #paintednails photos. Also, she walks dogs. 

This leads to Linda’s activities: home-school teacher of a junior in high school,  driving instructor for Anna and chauffeur to her home-school co-op 2 days a week and dance 5 days a week. She has also been tutoring, working as a personal assistant and trying to adjust to the incredible amount of traffic in the area.  She is grateful for wonderful new friends in her small group Bible Study from church. Anna has also been tutoring Linda in the art of pinning on her new Pinterest.

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